Physio-Anatomical complications in short and long surgical procedures with General Anesthesia. A comparative cross-sectional study

Anesthesia-Related Physio-Anatomical Complications in surgical procedures


  • Taimoor Qadeer Lahore medical & Dental College(LMDC), Lahore, Pakistan Author
  • Shaher Yar Ali Avicenna Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan Author
  • Ammar Ahmad Bhatti Allama Iqbal Medical College,Lahore,Pakistan Author
  • Rasikh Khalid Avicenna Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan Author
  • Muhammad Suleman Avicenna Medical College, Lahore, Pakistan Author
  • Muhammad Nauman Shahid Lahore medical & Dental College(LMDC), Lahore, Pakistan Author



Anesthesia, Complications, Appendectomy, Hysterectomy, Morbidity, Pharmacology, Monitoring, Neurology.



The complication intensity of short- and long-term anesthesia during different surgeries depends upon the age, medical history and general lifestyle of a patient.

 Aims and objectives: The aims and objectives of present study were to evaluate the risks associated with general anesthesia during various surgical procedures.

Methodology: Current comparative cross-sectional study was conducted in ICU, general surgery and gynecology units of Ghurki Trust and Teaching Hospital from July 2023 to February 2024. Total 100 patients of appendectomy and hysterectomy were selected as study subjects and divided into two groups. In Group-A (short surgery group) 65patients with appendectomy and in Group-B (Long surgery group) 35 women patients with hysterectomy were included. All of the clinical and demographic data were recorded on MS Excel and SPSS version 2024 were used to process, analyze, and distribute the data as needed and graph pad prism was used to plot graphical data representation.

 Results: The study identified a significant association between anesthesia duration and increased postoperative complications, notably in patients aged 51-55 years. Enhanced risks included postoperative pain, nausea, and respiratory distress, emphasizing the need for tailored anesthesia strategies based on surgical length and patient demographics.

Conclusion: General anesthesia is largely safe but linked to some complications, necessitating innovative improvements and further research with larger sample sizes for enhanced safety.


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