Corrections and Retractions Policy

Corrections and Retractions

If there is suspicion of misbehavior or alleged fraud, the journals and/or Publisher will carry out an investigation following COPE guidelines. If, after an investigation, there are valid concerns, the authors concerned will be contacted under their given email address and given an opportunity to address the issue. Depending on the situation, this may result in the journal and/or Publisher’s implementation of the following measures, including, but not limited to:


  • If the manuscript is still under consideration, it may be rejected and returned to the author.
  • If the article has already been published online, depending on the nature and severity of the infraction:
  1. an erratum/correction may be placed with the article.
  2. an editor’s note or editorial expression of concern may be placed with the article.
  3. or, in severe cases, retraction of the article may occur.

The reason will be given in the published erratum/correction, editor’s note, editorial expression of concern, or retraction notice. Please note that retraction means that the article is maintained on the platform watermarked “retracted” and the explanation is provided in a note linked to the watermarked article.


The author’s institution may be informed.

A notice of suspected transgression of ethical standards in the peer review system may be included as part of the author’s and article’s bibliographic record.

For authors who’ve changed their name and wish to correct it on their published works, please see SNCS Contact Form: Inclusive Name Change Policy : DMLS JOURNAL SUPPORT


DEVELOPMENTAL MEDICO-LIFE-SCIENCES follows the Retraction Guidelines by COPE.

Retraction of a published article is considered on the following grounds:

  • i. If an article has gross errors in the results or the experimental miscalculations are detected after publication.
  • ii. Plagiarism detected after publication
  • iii. Redundant or Duplicate publication
  • iv. Unethical Research results
  • v. Major Conflict of Interest